Stainless Steel Towel Heater Rail Towel Dryer

  • Stainless Steel Towel Heater Rail Towel Dryer
Stainless Steel Towel Heater Rail Towel Dryer
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Heated towel rail replaces towel bars and robe hooks and warms towels before a shower or bath. After a towel has been used, it is placed back on the unit to dry the towel out. It is important to dry the towel so it does not develop that gross funky smell. This odor is the result of mold and bacteria growth on your towel.
Heated towel rails can also help keep bathrooms dry if left on for longer lengths of time by eliminating excess humidity and moisture in the bathroom. This will help to reduce the amount of mold and mildew growth and keep the bathroom more hygienic.

Healthy drying heater


Item No.:OND-12S

Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail with 4 Bars

High quality stainless steel heated towel rack

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Matte Black(Available with Polished/Powder Coating)

Bar Shape: Square


Voltage:110V /220V/240V

Wattage: 40W


Vertical Bar:30*30mm

Horizontal Bar:19*19mm 

Plug Side: Both Left and Right available

Takes 8-15 minutes to heats up

The range of the temp is 45°C-55°C

Comes with installation manual


What is a heated towel rail?
a).A heated towel rail is single or multiple bars that heat up and are used to dry and warm towels, articles of clothing, or even spaces. They are generally mounted to a wall but can also be freestanding or floor mounted. b).Heated towel rails are also known as heated towel racks, towel warmer,or drying racks. c).They are designed to replace standard towel bars and robe hooks by adding more fun...more
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