Kitchen Sweeping Floor Machine

  • Kitchen Sweeping Floor Machine
Kitchen Sweeping Floor Machine
  • China
  • 20days
  • 5000pcs/month

A. 03 circular turnkey plastic handle
B. Fixed link rod
C. Light touch switch
D. Visible light tank
E. Ball turning to rake
F. Funnel
G. X1 standard clean cloth
H. X1 short plush, clean cloth
I. The skateboard

1.The humanized handle:comfortable handle plastic bags,easy to clean,notriming

2.The strem knob:can adust the size of the steam

3. Winding hook can choose to install:Line can be stuck in use,you can easily put the power cord

Steam clearning head:A professional guide drain tank steam evenly distributed.

100% ultra-fine fiber clearning cloth;thin clothes,breathable,ultra-fine fibers,ultra clean,anti-bacterial,washable and reusable 100 times

kitchen sweeping machine

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