sterilizer toothbrush

  • Solar Panel Charging The Toothbrush Sterilizer Efficiently And Fastly .

    Features: 4 slots for holding toothbrush at front row and back row has 5 slots for holding dental floss, tongue scraper, shaver, etc, which helps to have less clutter on the counter. Wall mounted UV toothbrush sterilizer, easy to attach it on the wall with the double-sided adhesive tape. Solar powered, no plug required and no batteries to replace, which is safe and economical. (emergency power supply with the USB interface) This sterilizer adopts the 1.2W/253.7nm. UV light, and silvery backplane, which has the ability of reflection and refraction, will sterilize the toothbrushes thoroughly. Infrared intelligent sensor lamp at top left corner, the infrared intelligent induction system ensures a effective sterilization yet avoid the harmful UV light. Amorphous silicon(a-Si) thin films solar panel charging the toothbrush sterilizer efficiently and fastly . Compact and hollow out design ensures good ventilating, hard to breed bacteria.

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