Heated Clothes Dryer

  • Folding Clothes Drying Rack

    Folding Clothes Drying Rack

    Applications: bathroom, toilet, kitchen towels, bath towels, washing cloths and small clothes drying.

    * Bathroom: can be dried bath towel ,towel at any time and will not mildew; cold days, you can wear warm clothes in the first reated. That is comfortable.
    * Toilet:can be dried hand towel at any time, Relaxing and health.
    * Kitchen:can be dried washing cloth to sterilize at any time.
    * Terrace: rainy days can be plugged in temperature drying, convenient; sunny day,it can be unplugged as the ordinary drying rack using. Waterproof grade is IP55,the international standards, can be directly put wet clothes, no leakage, absolutely safe
    * Bedroom: bedtime can quilt reheat, warm and comfortable bed.
    * Thermostat safety, health sterilization, healthy, comfortable, energy efficient (independent safety thermostat designed to maintain temperature keep of 55 degree, then drying towels, they will not burn the skin)

    Environmental health: the effect of convenient and efficient, reducing bacteria, eliminate odor towels to reduce washing times to protect the human health.

    Description: selection of 304 stainless steel, the surface finely polished, bright and smooth, long-term products exported to Europe,By SAA and CE certification, allowing you to use more safe and secure!

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  • Energy Saving Clothing Dryers For Apartment Houses

    Energy Saving Clothing Dryers For Apartment Houses

    Electric Airer /Dryer is made from light yet robust aluminium is easy to move around and fold down to 11.3cm or less deep for storage, ready to be pressed into action throughout the winter months, or whenever the weather isn’t cooperating.

    ONDA Airer benefits from folding shelves that can be positioned to suit your needs: you can dry T-shirts, socks or larger items over the rungs; lay delicate clothes flat to avoid stretching, or hang sheets and big towels over the top without them touching the floor.

    Washing towels, sheets and duvet covers can be a real bore if you can’t use a washing line to hang them out and end up having to drape them over the banisters and radiators to get them dry. But this Winged Heated Airer is designed to solve just that problem.

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  • Clothes Dryer Portable Drying Rack For Houses.

    Clothes Dryer Portable Drying Rack For Houses.

    1. Dryer clothes timing:about 3 hours
    2. Constantly temperature,doesnt hut th ccltess
    3. UV Sterillzation
    4. Filter protection
    5. 4 layer middle ack
    5. 15kg capacity

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  • Clothes Healthy Care--clothes Heated Drying Warmer

    Clothes Healthy Care--clothes Heated Drying Warmer

    1. Three modes (UV, PASTEURIZATION,OZONE)
    2. Kills 99.9 % of harmful household germs
    3. Suit for towel, baby clothes, adult's underwear, tooth brush (Daily goods)
    4. Sterilization and dry functions, With Fragrance.
    5. 70°c medium temperature drying, Not hurt for clothes.
    6. 2 in 1 clothes dryer. Bottom housing for dry and sterilization, Upper housing (Clothes cover) for dry only.

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